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KS4 Chemistry
Activity Days



Teachers are invited to select the activities to be included in the visit, when the course tutor for the day makes contact, after booking is confirmed. Once you have agreed on the activities for the day, you will need to download the appropriate printed material. Click on the brown links below. Sufficient student sheets should be printed for members of the party, covering the topics chosen for the day’s visit.

CW5 KS4 Chemistry Exercises

Practical exercises based on the extraction of metals, by displacement from solution, and reduction of the metal oxide with carbon are found in the course booklet, along with  the detection of metal ions in solution and the black powder exercise.

GW7: Mineral separation.

Students separate a mixture of minerals by two methods, both based on density differences, but differing in particle size.

Notts Girls at Ecton
KS4 out in the field

Activities at Ecton - DOCUMENTATION

KS4 Chemistry Activities are curriculum-related and cover aspects of Chemistry common to all specifications: extraction of metals from minerals: by displacement from solution and carbon reduction.


A typical activity day includes a tour of Ecton Hill to see the evidence of mining. This is followed by an underground visit to see evidence of mineral extraction and the two Chemistry sessions based on metal extraction and identification of some metal ions in solution.  If time allows, there may also be a demonstration of the combustion of “black powder”, the explosive formerly used to break the rock in Ecton Mine.


The cost for all these one day activities (running from around 10.00 am until 4.00 or 4.30 pm) is £10 per student, subject to a minimum charge of £100 per group. There is no charge for the statutory number of school staff, required by the school or regulations, who accompany the pupil group. Any additional adults will be charged at the same day rate as the pupils (£10 pp). The number of additional adults should be entered in the booking form and the booking form calculates the total charge as the numbers are entered..

Discuss your ACTIVITY

If you would like to discuss details of your proposed activity before booking, contact Susan Wilkinson to discuss your requirements on:          01732 456997


Book your visit

Step 1

Choose a date for the visit by going to the Ecton Availability calendar. (Use the "back" button to return here.)

Step 2

Complete the Activity Booking Request Form(Google form).

Step 3

If Tutors are available, your request will be entered in the booking system and you will be contacted shortly thereafter to confirm the booking and to give you the names and contact details of your Tutors.

Step 4

Make sure you read the document: Essential Information for KS4 Chemistry Activites. This gives all the details you need to prepare for your visit. You do need to complete the Visitor Information Form. You may also need a copy of the Risk Analysis and the Insurance Certificate. We would also appreciate a completed Visit to Ecton Feedback Form. Download from Activities at Ecton - DOCUMENTATION on the right.